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Principal Engineer Amazon Video Client Technologies

Principal Engineer Amazon Video Client Technologies

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AMZN Dev Center (London) Ltd
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Amazon Video is changing the way millions of customers interact with video content world wide. The Amazon Video team delivers high-quality video to Amazon customers through subscriptions (Amazon Prime, and Channels) as well as purchases, rentals, and free with ads. Amazon believes so deeply in the mission of Video that we've launched our own studio to create original and exclusive content. Every day we face the challenges of a fast paced market and expanding technology set. We build apps for the web, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and set top boxes. Using advanced machine learning and data mining techniques, we help our customers discover the best movies and TV shows. We measure data in Petabytes and streaming in Exabytes. We obsess over big picture problems like "How do we deliver video that’s more reliable than the internet it’s delivered over?" to low level details like "How do we squeeze maximum picture quality out of every bit delivered?" We strive to be on the forefront of new consumer technologies like UHD TV and High Dynamic Range video. We build huge scale distributed systems on the AWS cloud to make sure our service is always reliable for our customers. We use computer vision and machine learning techniques to build rich metadata about videos, and partner closely with teams like IMDb to let customers explore deeper into the TV and movies they love. In short, we’re inventing the new paradigm for finding and enjoying video content in an industry that’s doubling every year, and you can be a part of it. 

As a member of the Amazon Video team, you will spend your time as a hands-on Principal Engineer and a technical leader. You will play a key role in building software products and features and you will use a wide range of technologies, programming languages and systems. You will have the freedom and encouragement to explore your own ideas and the reward of seeing your contributions benefit millions of customers world wide. We'd love to have you join us and guide us to build the systems, services, and apps that delight our end users. 

We need a Principal Engineer to lead our technical strategy for our hardest customer-impacting problems. Principal Engineers provide technical leadership at Amazon. They establish technical standards and drive Amazon system architecture, engineering practices, and engineering methodologies. They work on our hardest problems, building high quality, scalable, and architecturally sound systems that are aligned with our business needs. Principal Engineers are pragmatic visionaries who can translate business needs into workable technology solutions. Their expertise is deep and broad; they are hands-on, producing both detailed technical work and high-level architectural designs. They are leaders and mentors, setting excellent examples for their local teams and the entire Amazon engineering community.

The Amazon Video (AV) Client engineering teams, primarily based in London, own the applications and services that power the AV experience on every form factor (Living Room, Web, Mobile and specialized Amazon devices). Currently, these clients are implemented very differently, but facing many of the same challenges: Building new features takes too long, we need to run many UI experiments in parallel while evaluating behavioral data in realtime, the experience needs to be snappier and we need to run in an ever-growing list of very heterogenous devices without sacrificing the customer experience. Towards these goals and others, the client teams are simplifying the on-device code while pushing more logic into middle tier services, but they are not yet aligned on a common architecture that maximizes change agility, business logic reuse, rendering performance and network efficiency.

The Amazon Video Clients Principal Engineer will help define this ambitious new client architecture and get hundreds of engineers working toward a common end state. They will be familiar with current business priorities and long term goals to help engineering teams focus on the right tactics and make smart trade-offs. They will be deeply connected to the customer experience and customer pain points to relentlessly advocate for improvement. They will be focused on incremental customer benefit and rapid delivery, but not at the expense of long-term trade-offs. They will constantly be looking around corners to advocate with peers and leadership for priorities that may be getting ignored. They will be tenaciously persuasive with data, but concede a point gracefully when appropriate.

Basic Qualifications

• Experience architecting and delivering multi-platform consumer applications used by millions.
• BS degree or higher in Computer Science with a minimum of 15-20 years of relevant, broad software engineering experience required.
• Proven track record of designing and delivering large-scale, high quality systems and software products.
Experience with Agile (SCRUM, RUP, XP), OO modeling, SOA, UNIX, middleware, and database systems.

Preferred Qualifications

• Experience with client engineering, rich graphical experience, including low level embedded systems engineering.
• Experience with high performance graphical UX, including embedded systems, and mobile application development.
• Experience leading development life cycle process and best practices.
• Experience with media delivery over the internet and good understanding of the network technologies.
• Experience with implementing big data based solutions, and machine learning systems.

Posting Date: 27/11/2017
Closing date 31/12/2017

Location: London, UK
Compensation: competitive